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"The bottom line is we deliver quality results on time—regardless of the complexity or the degree of time sensitivity."

Peter Miller,
Head of Operations

E-Bisprint provides a comprehensive range of warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services, that ensures your print and promotional products reach our clients via the least cost freight option using the best choice of supplier – based on value, geography, quality and service.

Providing ‘lean’ supply chain practices.

Document destruction

E-Bisprint provides a total solution of processing and destroying paper based information and other items that could be treated as confidential or as a recyclable product.

E-Bisprints four-tier destruction matrix includes:

  • Straight recycling
  • Secure destruction without client attendance
  • Secure destruction with client attendance
  • Community recycling

  • Any of these services may require the picking up of products along with strict regulatory practices that major banks and government departments require as part of this service.

    Wherever possible the shredding of paper products are recycled as an effort to help the environment. If you have unusual products that need recycling or destroyed our E-Bisprint staff have a wealth of knowledge in this area and are always willing to assist in this service.