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Product information

Asset Management System (DAM)

E-Bisprint's Digital Asset Management system is a secure image library capable of managing files. Features include high quality image viewing and editing tools that promote better communications between departments, divisions and external customers by sharing digital assets that will improve co-operation and enable you to be more efficient in your business field.
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Campaign Management Tool
E-Bisprint has identified and created a new delivery process system that provides a total solution for the distribution of campaign material to a large number of locations over a period of time.
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Colour Management
E-Bisprint's approach to Colour Management eliminates the ‘guess work’ associated with trying to match colour and maintain colour consistency throughout the graphic design and print production processes. E-Bisprint's Production Managers use a combination of spectrophotometry and densitometry as a means of defining and measuring accurate colour readings. This ensures that the correct colour is reproduced faithfully time after time.
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Digital Publishing
Digital Publishing successfully bridges the middle ground between paper and the web, by providing a unique digital editions that combine the best features of paper printed products with the rich media components of websites onto your Smart phone, Tablet and Desktop computers.
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QR Codes
QR codes are an advanced barcode that can be snapped with a smart-phone App to take customers and prospects to your website, internet, video, online coupon or other informative, marketing or sales-seeking content.
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Press Ads
Press Ads is an online application for repurposing existing artwork. With the intelligence to rescale, resize and edit artwork Press Ads eliminates the need for additional material. One piece of artwork can be built and then modified, online, to the specifications of different publications. A print ready PDF can then be produced for the publisher.
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