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Add rich media
Publishers can easily enter the realm of inter-active 'rich media' editions with the ability to overlay hyper-links, flash animation, sounds and videos to give the reader a media-rich viewing experience unlike that offered by traditional print.

Global distribution
The moment you upload your ePublication it's released globally. No more waiting for printed brochures. And if there are changes to the publication, upload an amended version within minutes.

Comprehensive tracking
Every edition can be tracked for a range of statistics, in 'real-time 24/7', providing immediate opportunities to view user activities.

ePublishing successfully bridges the
middle ground between paper and
the web, by providing a unique digital
combination of the best features of
paper printed products with the rich
media components of websites.

Interactive Kiosks

E-Bisprint now offers media display screens for presentation of its Digital Editions on touch enabled display screens using the latest generation of large touch screens.

The kiosks are ideal for client contact areas where it is critical to display your latest ePublications and other relevant content. It�s available in screen sizes from 24 inch desk units through 50 / 60 and 82 inch kiosks.

The kiosk screen interface can display our Digital Editions with supporting combinations of test, images, videos, flash animations, and captured user information, all operated by natural touch screen gestures.

These media display screens operate entirely as stand-alone "fat clients" units - using simple WiFi connections to a centralised administration centre for daily updates, content changes, tracking and viewing of user data.

No expensive or dedicated network connections, cabling or dedicated hardware is required. You also do not require complex IT infrastructures or custom interfaces. These 'turn-key' information kiosk screens can be deployed in a few weeks at a fraction of the cost of traditional kiosk networks.

The screens panels can also function as 'electronic eBrochure racks' which can replace the traditional paper brochure racks that are notoriously expensive and difficult to keep stocked.

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