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Add rich media
Publishers can easily enter the realm of inter-active 'rich media' editions with the ability to overlay hyper-links, flash animation, sounds and videos to give the reader a media-rich viewing experience unlike that offered by traditional print.

Global distribution
The moment you upload your ePublication it's released globally. No more waiting for printed brochures. And if there are changes to the publication, upload an amended version within minutes.

Comprehensive tracking
Every edition can be tracked for a range of statistics, in 'real-time 24/7', providing immediate opportunities to view user activities.

ePublishing successfully bridges the
middle ground between paper and
the web, by providing a unique digital
combination of the best features of
paper printed products with the rich
media components of websites.

Dynamic Editions

Our Dynamic Editions enable users to search and create their own "custom" editions from any selection of the Publisher's publications and / or pages -
in mere seconds.

The Dynamic Search Interface allows the user to select their desired criteria which is then instantaneously compiled - 'on the fly' - into a personalised edition. This process can be repeated as many times as the user chooses, to create unlimited and unique variations of any publication, encompassing just the pages that the user requires.